Gakko Archive A list of innovative projects in education developed by Gakko.
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As an education design group, Gakko experimented with innovative afterschool curriculum in New York City, as well as digital learning tools.

Gakko classes teach students cutting-edge content in an inclusive, collegial community. Industry professionals mentor students as they build portfolio-worthy projects in STEM and the arts.

The digital learning lab was a community of artists, technologists, and educators creating meaningful experiences for early learners, which is continuing its activity as Fable Studios.

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Archived New York Programming —
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"Gakko conveys the true meaning of learning, which is not to just to learn through memorization but to learn through problem-solving, curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity."

Obaidullah Barakzai Gakko Camps 2016
Digital Learning —
Gakko Digital Learning

In collaboration with artists and educators, we created Moji Moji—an app which brings meaningful screen time to early-literacy on the iPad (ages 3-5).

Set in a magical world of vivid and imaginative characters, Moji Moji develops children's literacy skills in a way that is fun, artistic, and playful.

A parent dashboard analyzes engagement and accuracy so you can track your child's progress.