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At Gakko, we are committed to opening collaborative and immersive learning experiences to all ambitious students, regardless of means. Last year, 100 students from 60 nations began their lifelong journey as inspired learners and global leaders with the help of contributions to Gakko’s scholarship fund.

Sponsor a scholar and/or become a mentor to a brilliant high school student in need. Contact to get involved.

Scholar stories —

“There are hundreds of students worldwide who deserve this extraordinary opportunity called Gakko[...]This camp is a huge step in education and changed radically my life perception. No words can explain how grateful I am for this life-changing opportunity.”

Aleksander, Poland

Gakko Camp 2017, Bali


“Gakko gave me a great opportunity to explore myself, my interest and the way I want to be educated in the future in a time where I needed it the most. I think more high school students should have access to the camp at this time which is crucial to their future and future education.”

Carol, Egypt

Gakko Camp 2017, France


“Growing up in a small city especially that of a poor and developing country there is a lack of initiative and confidence especially among the youths to dream and achieve beyond the borders of Indonesia [...] This is just what my peers need to be able to realize the genius within them and find the strength to overcome their own weaknesses to seize their dreams and see it come to life as that was what I was able to do from my experience being part of Gakko.”

Alan, Indonesia

Gakko Camp 2017, Japan

2018 Scholarships

To apply for any of the scholarships listed below, complete the appropriate program application (ex: apply to become a Gakko Camp Kohai) and email for special information, eligibility and review criteria.

Japan Young Entrepreneur Scholar Scholarship for Gakko Camps Residents of Japan Ages 13-18

The goal of the Japan Young Entrepreneur Scholarship is to reward and encourage entrepreneurial talents among high school students, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary pursuits. The scholarship is awarded annually to Japanese high schoolers between ages of 13-18 who demonstrate an early motivation to begin socially conscious ventures and a curiosity to travel outside of Japan.

If funding is available and there are eligible candidates, the fund will award full-tuition (depending on the applicants' date availability) and will be paid directly to Gakko Camps for the student’s tuition.

Please note students will need to pay for and book their own transportation to camp meeting place.

Berkshire Explorer’s Scholar Residents of Berkshire/Taconic Region, USA Residents of Japan Ages 13-18

The goal of the Berkshire Explorer’s Scholarship is to award the opportunity to attend a Gakko Camp Project to high school students who are residents of Berkshire or Columbia counties and demonstrate intellectual curiosity outside of the classroom and an interest in connecting with our global community.

If funding is available and there are eligible candidates, the fund will award full tuition (depending on the applicants' date availability) to the USA or Japan Camps. The cost of tuition will be paid directly to Gakko Camps.

Please note students will need to book their own transportation and submit for reimbursement.