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Okayama, Japan July 1—July 14 [2 weeks]

Futsumi Rinkan Gakko
1868-1 Ogamo, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama,
701-2446, Japan

Arrive to breathtaking Okayama prefecture, ready to find “something more” in your education. Here, amidst traditions of ancient ceramic craft and the Shizutani School—Japan’s first school for the common class—begin 14 days of rigorous workshops, international dialogue, and unexpected adventure alongside our team of brilliant team of college-aged mentors. Together, we leave as a hopeful global community, empowered to explore our own practice.

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What will this camp be like?

Gakko conducts a global search for camp creators to compose each troupe of sempai. These incredible individuals, representing diverse backgrounds, and an equally diverse set of skills, are tasked with collaboratively designing your camp. They are creative educators, mentors, and friends.

Jpn1 1
Henry Ragan

Acting, Penn State

Jpn1 2
Patrick Monari

Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jpn1 4
Gota Matsui

Materials Science, Oxford University

Jpn1 5
Grace Greenwald

Biology, Stanford University

Jpn1 6
Anna Liu

Computer Science, Harvard University

Jpn1 8
Alexandra Simon

Ethics, Politics & Economics, Yale University

Jpn1 13
Jack Foster

Journalism and Creative Writing, Northwestern University

Jpn1 9
Lily Dionne-Jermanovich

Arts Management, ESCP Europe

Jpn1 10
Leora Morris

Directing, Yale School of Drama

Jpn1 11
Leyla Levi

Art Director
Architecture, Yale University

Jpn1 12
Reiri Kojima

Country Manager
Arts Management & Cultural Policy, Tokyo University of the Arts

January 15

Kohai online applications open

February 1

Kohai video interviews begin (rolling)

March 19

[Round I] Kohai online applications close

Apply before March 19th to learn admissions decisions before April 20

April 20

[Round II] Kohai online applications close

Deposits are due within 10 days of learning your admissions decision

May 15

Full payment due

Confirm your travel arrangements & visa

June — July

Sempai meet to design camp!

July 1

First day of camp!

July 14

Last day of camp

Camp Rates Japan July 1 – July 14 [2 weeks] Ages 13 to 18 $4,480

You may apply for need-based tuition assistance within the kohai admissions application. Early applications will be prioritized, and scholarships are limited.

Want to hear more?
Contact us at: camp@gakkoproject.com Or give us a call for more information: +1 (510) 985-9710 And subscribe to our newsletter →
What is covered in the cost? Icon plus

Gakko’s tuition covers room, board and any activities organized by camp. We also cover the cost of transporting kohai to and from the designated local airport or train station (the “meeting point”) to the camp location. But, kohai are responsible for all costs of getting to the designated airport or train station.

Where can I find more information about Gakko camps? Icon plus

Read reviews from “kohai” who experienced Gakko on Go Overseas or Youtube. Contact camp@gakkoproject.com to get linked up with alumni from Gakko who can answer more questions.

Do you accommodate kohai with disabilities, allergies, dietary restrictions, or other special needs? Icon plus

We make every effort to work with kohai to make Gakko as safe, comfortable and successful as possible. Requests for special needs are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at camp@gakkoproject.com and we can set up a call to discuss your case with one of our camp directors.

I have a question about camp that is not answered here. Who do I contact? Icon plus

Please email our team at camp@gakkoproject.com with any other questions—We look forward to hearing from you!

Kohai Applications
I’ve applied. Now what? Icon plus

We will notify you as soon as possible whether or not you have been selected for an interview. In the meantime, take a dance break and follow Gakko happenings as we get closer to camp.

What kind of applicant are you looking for? Icon plus

The camp is open to all high school students (typically age 14-18). Since camp is conducted entirely in English, we ask that all applicants have basic English abilities, but even if you’re not confident in your English, send us an application! No TOEFL or GPA required in order to apply.

Kohai come from all over the world, with a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstance. Because the Gakko experience is rooted in collaboration, creativity and intellectual curiosity, it is important to demonstrate these attributes in your application. Mostly, kohai are selected because we believe that they offer something unique to share with their fellow kohai and sempai.

Is there a waiting list? Icon plus

Yes. You will receive an updated admissions timeline should you be admitted to a waiting list.

How do I apply financial aid? If I apply for financial aid, will my chances of getting in be affected? Icon plus

Applications for need-based tuition assistance are considered separately from admissions and are awarded based on the availability of funds and the merit of the applicant’s case. Not all requests for tuition assistance can be accommodated.

Please apply for tuition assistance as part of your admissions application. Admitted students who are eligible for aid will receive information about their award when they are admitted to camp. All admitted kohai must confirm their participation by placing a deposit within 10 days of receiving their admissions decision.

Travel & Living Arrangements
Can Gakko help with visa paperwork for international students? Icon plus

Kohai and their families are solely responsible for the successful completion of any paperwork required for program attendance. We make every effort to supply documentation that is required for your visa applications, and we encourage you to communicate with us if you encounter any difficulties. We know it’s a tedious process and we’re here to help in any way we can!

How do I get to camp? Icon plus

You are responsible for the cost of travel (flight, train ticket, etc.) to a meeting point for your camp. Once admitted, kohai will receive more information regarding meeting points and travel upon acceptance to the program.

What are the living arrangements? Icon plus

Kohai sleep in dormitories (separated by gender) with 2-5 roommates. Our staff works with a team of professional chefs to design a meal plan, with an emphasis on local ingredients and accommodating all kohai dietary needs. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are communal events and often the most meaningful moments in our day.

Who is responsible for the kohai’s safety during Gakko? Icon plus

The safety and well-being of kohai is our top priority. All activities are supervised by camp directors and medical staff is available on site 24/7. We employ local personnel at camp venues, equipped with area knowledge and language skills. If you have any further questions regarding safety, please do not hesitate to email us at camp@gakkoproject.com

Will I be able to practice religious rites? Icon plus

Yes. Please let us know prior to attending camp what you will require in order to practice, and we will be sure to communicate how we can accommodate.

Do I need travel insurance? Icon plus

Yes. If you are traveling outside of your country of residence, you will need travel insurance. Please note that it is a requirement when applying for a visa.