Gakko Reclaim the magic of learning.

Gakko—meaning “school” in Japanese—was founded as an innovative, inclusive, international summer camp in 2011 by entrepreneur Kenta Koga (Yale ‘14).

Gakko started in Japan, but now operates camps and afterschool programs around the world and will soon launch a suite of digital learning tools in several languages.

With an emphasis on creativity and collaboration, Gakko places students and learning at the center of its rapidly expanding portfolio of programs. Gakko believes that learning is a pursuit of magic, self-discovery and creativity.

Our mission is to help students prepare for their future success by becoming active participants in their own learning process. Gakko wants to create a worldwide community of learners, fully engaged in creative and inspiring experiences that spark curiosity, foster genuine understanding and encourage entrepreneurial spirit.
Gakko 学校
  1. The Japanese word for "school"
  2. A global educational collective that builds spaces, experiences & tools to reclaim the magic of learning

Gakko restores the magic of learning through highly personalized, project-based instruction. With an emphasis on doing rather than viewing, our teachers tap into students’ natural passion for learning.

Gakko strives to harmonize students’ creativity and individuality into the kind of productive, satisfying, purposeful collaboration needed to succeed in today’s challenging and ever-changing world.

Every student leaves Gakko knowing how to create kikkake (Japanese for spark and connection) across a diverse group of people. It’s a feeling – and a skill – our students carry with them the rest of their lives.


Gakko’s commitment to experiential learning – and the synchronization of creativity and collaboration – has caught the attention of educators and business-leaders worldwide.

In particular, Gakko is honored to have the support of Masatada Kobayashi, co-founder of Japanese internet-services company Rakuten, Hidehiro Imatsu, managing director of Goldman Sachs, and Hiroyuki Uchida, president and executive director of Hinoki LTD.

Gakko also welcomes individual donors who wish to sponsor a student or support the cause of personalized, project-based instruction.